Select from the options below to better understand Houston firefighter pay from FY2017-2024 and what the cost would have been to the City in a number of different pay raise scenarios.

Choose your own firefighter raises: below, you can select an annual raise (percent or dollars) to give Houston firefighters from FY2017-24, see what starting salary that would give them today, and discover how much that would have cost the City."

In FY2017, HFD firefighters had a starting salary of roughly $43,500, the lowest starting salary among major fire departments in Texas on both an overall and per-hour basis.

HFD firefighters did not receive a raise from 2017-2021. From 2022-24, they received a 6% raise each year, bringing them to a starting salary of roughly $51,800 in 2024. An additional 10% raise in 2025 will bring HFD starting salary to $57,000, which will be within 3% of the market average on a per-hour basis.